Pool Supplies Sydney

Metro Pools & Heating can provide you with all your pool supplies, from pumps and cleaners, to filters, chlorinators, heaters and everything in between.

Our team provides service to the entire Sydney area. We’re happy to discuss your swimming pool supply needs and requirements, so call us today on 0414 822 898.

We also do our best to ensure that all our Metro Pools & Heating service vehicles arrive fully loaded with all the equipment, tools, and parts to keep any installation or maintenance downtime to an absolute minimum.

So if you are looking for the best pool supplies and advice in Sydney, contact us at Metro Pools & Heating. We have over 20 years experience and always ensure that our clients receive the best service. We take pride in our results as if your pool was our own, and we prove it by offering an installation guarantee.

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Pool Care Basics Checklist – Do You Have All The Supplies You Need?

Here’s a helpful checklist outlining the important basics of swimming pool care. Use it to see if you have all the required pool supplies on hand. If you don’t, contact us right away, and the team will be happy to help.

Circulation – Do you have a quality pump and filtration system? Does your filter require any replacement parts, like cartridges or sand? Have you checked your pump’s general wear and tare?

Testing – Do you have all the equipment, supplies or expertise required to test the water of your swimming pool to ensure that it has the correct pH levels, alkalinity levels, as well as chlorine and bromine levels?

Algae Issues – Do you have a quality cleaning solution to handle algae issues before they occur, or before a minor outbreak becomes a significant problem?

For more qualified and specific insight into supplies that you might need, contact us today! For quality swimming pool supplies Sydney residents can rely on, speak to the Metro Pools and Heating team on 0414 822 898 right now!