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Bring your pool to life at night with underwater pool lights. LED pool lights extend swimming time past daylight hours, keep your swimmers safe, and can set a wonderful mood.

Our pool lights illuminate and enhance the view of your beautiful pool in a wide range of colours, including multi colour. Replace your traditional Halogen lights with longer lasting LED lights and enjoy the added benefit of lower power costs.

Metro Pools & Heating supplies and installs the highest quality LED pool lights, helping you enhance your pool environment and customize your yard to be your own personal paradise.

LED lights are longer lasting and use less power than traditional Halogen lights. They come in various individual colours or in multi colour and can replace any existing Halogen lights.

With over 20 years of experience of selling and installing the most suitable pool lights required for your needs, Metro Pools & Heating will install your pool lights with the same pride as if it were our own home.

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Helpful Pool Lighting Tip

Here is some helpful advice for swimming pool owners who are looking for a professional perspective on swimming pool lights.

  • For a Crystal-Clear Look – Harsh shadows are usually the result of poor pool lighting. For that crystal clear look, position two light sources opposite from one another. This will instantly eliminate troublesome shadowing, and will create a stunning result.

Email our team to get more advice, or call us on 0414 822 898 and we can help you with any of your pool lighting needs. When it comes to quality pool lights, you can count on Metro Pools and Heating.

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