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How Do Swimming Pool Covers Help?

A quality swimming pool cover is an important element of your swimming pools long-term maintenance. Swimming pool covers are important for a number of reasons, ranging from safety to aesthetics. Here are some of the top reasons we advise clients to invest in a swimming pool cover from Metro Pools & Heating:

  • Reduces Evaporation Levels – By covering your swimming pool, you can reduce the amount of moisture that is lost due to evaporation, and in some instances even stop evaporation rates completely.
  • Reduces Chemical Consumption – With a quality pool cover, you’ll find that you will reduce the amount of swimming pool chemicals needed. This is fantastic for helping swimmers that may have allergies to certain pool chemicals.
  • Keeps Pool Clean – A pool cover will also reduce your cleaning costs as debris and dirt will be prevented from entering the pool water.

Pool blankets are also a fantastic covering choice.

Pool Blankets

If you have a heated pool, whether its solar heated, gas heater or heat pump, installing a pool blanket is the ideal way to save on heat loss, as pools can lose up to 10 degrees overnight without a blanket, that’s 10 degrees more every day that your heater has to work to get the temperature back to where you’d like it.

By installing a pool blanket, you will rapidly reduce heat loss to your pool and your blanket will soon pay for itself… add to this the savings in water lost from evaporation each year, chemicals used, and the extended life on your pool equipment due to less use, the savings will soon add up.

So if you want to swim for longer throughout the year and save on energy, water, chemicals and pool cleaning bills… contact Metro Pools & Heating to provide a quote on installing a blanket on your pool.

With over 20 years of experience of selling and installing the most suitable pool blanket required for your needs, Metro Pools & Heating will install your pool blanket with the same pride as if it were our own home… So you can be assured of a quality installation every time.

Call Metro Pools & Heating for a free quote on the right Pool Blanket for your needs.

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